Why Do People Paint Their Whole Car?

Sometimes, it’s because the elements have noticeably aged a vehicle. Its surface is faded, shows cracking or peeling, or doesn’t shine or wax up anymore. Many times, a vehicle runs really well and is in good shape, so its owner wants to keep it looking good for four or five more years.

customers want to get more money when selling their vehicle, or get it sold quicker. Others are giving a car to a family member. Whatever your reason, we have all kinds of approaches for painting your vehicle. With more than 10,000 auto paint colors in quality formulations that range from high-grade enamel to single-stage urethane to basecoat/clearcoat urethane, auto works provides the price and quality you want for your car.

Besides painting, auto works & collision has always done expert auto body repair work. We straighten metal, fix dents, repair dings, replace parts and eliminate rust.

How can your auto works do all this for just a fraction of the price of other shops? We can charge less because we do more auto paint jobs than anyone else. Each auto works and collision paint many cars every week, which lowers our auto paint and auto body repair.

Why We Spot Paint / The Cost of Spot Painting

People generally get their cars painted for one of two reasons: An old auto paint finish that's tired, dull, cracked or chipped calls for painting the entire car. If the auto paint finish is fine, we can help maintain resale value by repairing only the damaged areas and then matching them to the existing surface.

In spot painting, a multiple masking process ensures an accurate blending of the new and old auto paint, and protects the undamaged areas of your car's finish.

The age and condition of your car's auto paint finish can greatly affect the formulation for color match. To color correct accurately, the professional spray painter must measure the formula within one-tenth of a gram tolerance, spray test panels, and if necessary color correct by eye to achieve the best possible auto paint color match.

* Precise mixing techniques are used to match over 10,000 colors and effects.

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